When should I contact the Scottish Sports Injury Clinic?
The sooner you have an injury examined the faster you can begin treatment and get started on the road to recovery.  Even if you have had an injury for some time and it hasn’t improved with simple treatment, then we may be able to help settle things down for you.

When will I be seen?
You can expect an appointment within 2 working days.

What do I do immediately after an injury?
If you have a muscle, tendon or ligament injury apply rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) as soon as possible. Seek medical advice to rule out further injury.

How long does it take for an injury to heal?
Typically, soft tissue injuries take 6-8 weeks to heal and fractures 6-12 weeks depending on the site. If an injury is left unattended or is not given the correct treatment recovery time may be longer, in some cases becoming chronic.

What are the knee menisci for?
The menisci are shock absorbing cartilage structures in the knee. They can be torn by twisting injuries. They have a poor blood supply, and so don’t heal well, but if seen quickly it may be possible to repair them successfully by keyhole surgery. Removal of the torn piece of meniscus is the alternative, which is a keyhole procedure performed as a day case.

What does the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) do?
The ACL acts to stabilise the knee joint. When it is torn the knee can give way unexpectedly, making participation in sport difficult. It also predisposes the knee to the early development of arthritis. Treatment may be non-operative, in the form of stabilisation and strengthening exercises, or operative in the form of reconstruction using arthroscopic techniques.